We are presenting 3 pop-up dinners over the course of the next three months.
-Monday October 17th: SUSHI (Izakaya style)
I understand this one is short notice. My childhood friend Jacob Talbert, now an accomplished sushi chef in Sonoma, Ca called me last night with this idea. He's flying in to visit his Mother and would like to do a pop-up real quick. We are looking to fill 25-30 seats (we have 10 confirmed thus far) for a sushi experience at $50 per guest. Please message me on my personal page if you are interested. Menu to be determined once Jake can check out fish prices and a total amount of guest are confirmed. -Nate Hall.
-Monday November 7th: Ramen
Shawn Merrow & Joe Hubbard will host this event at the pizza shop. The evening will start at 6pm and run til 10 or until we sell out. This event unlike our others will accommodate walk-in guest however confirmation will help us gauge the amount of food and prep needed. A menu will be released shortly. We are doing a pre-sale of ramen bowls hand made from Oxide Pottery (Lynchburg) along with a tee shirt designed for the pop-up event by Brad Douglas & printed by Thomas Dean. Price for the bowl + shirt to be announced along with shirt image. Message me on my personal page for questions or confirmation. -Nate Hall.
-Monday December 5th: Beer Dinner
Neds Beer Shop (located in RP) along with Shawn Merrow will present a 5 course meal, each paired with a beer for $45. The brewery will be Lagunitas (California) and the menu will be announced shortly. Purchase your tickets in Ned's, email the beer shop if you're interested but can't stop by before then (nedsbeer@gmail.com) or message me on my page with questions or confirmation. -Nate Hall.